Domestic Abuse Analyst

Jolanda is a highly sought after domestic violence and abuse expert. She’s been helping abuse victims get out safely for close to two decades. Jolanda survived an abusive and violent relationship with her ex-husband. She is thankful to be alive to share her survival story with other abused persons. Jolanda saw her mother, grandmother and some aunts abused. One of her aunts was murdered by her pimp and another cousin was murdered by her husband. Professionally Jolanda has seen the damage done by abusive relationships from fingers being amputated to cars being shot at and wrecked. Jolanda understands, both personally and professionally, how unhealthy, dangerous and deadly these types of relationships are to the victims and their family and friends. She also knows how these relationships teach the children of these relationships to be victims and abusers themselves.

Jolanda works with individuals who are in abusive relationships and organizations that cater to them. She has also worked with batterers. As a victim, she participated in batterer intervention programs.

Jolanda lectures and publishes on the topic including such high profile cases as OJ Simpson, Ray Carouth, Susan Smith, Clara Harris and Ray Rice, to name a few. Jolanda takes every opportunity she can to teach others about the epidemic of domestic violence and the tools needed to get out alive.

If you need an expert on domestic violence who is able to authentically connect with audiences and help them to understand and get out alive then Jolanda is for you.