Legal Analyst

Jolanda has been a sought after legal analyst for almost two decade. She began her legal career as a civil litigator representing mostly corporations and wealthy individuals at a prominent law firm in Houston where she did defense work.

Jolanda left the corporate world and started her own law practice in 1998 and it continues today. She has distinguished herself legally in the courtroom and among her peers. She won prestigious legal awards such as the NAACP Alex Award for outstanding legal skill, the Community Hero Award, as well as the Houston Lawyer’s Association Francis Williams Founder’s Award, among others. In the courtroom, Jolanda’s legal acumen helped shut down Houston Police Department’s Crime Lab by shining a light on HPD’s shoddy forensic analysis that incarcerated innocent people and allowed the guilty to roam free. In a pro-bono case she cherishes as one of her proudest moments where she was definitely David to the opposition’s goliath, she used her legal acuity and fearlessness to take on then-State Representative Talmadge Heflin, chair of the Texas House Appropriations Committee, who had illegally taken the child of a Ugandan immigrant and was trying to terminate that mom’s parental rights. Jolanda was victorious after a contentious hearing and ultimately reunited that mother and child who she had not had possession of in 7 months and whose child had been taken from her arms at gunpoint. In yet another memorable trial where most believed her client would be convicted, her trial skill won two Not-Guilty verdicts. Her client was young, Black, male, poor and unemployed. He was caught fleeing the scene of the crime, in a vehicle used to ambush multiple local and federal law enforcement officers where 24 spent shell casings were found and where almost all the witnesses against him were either Houston police officers or DEA agents who eye-witnessed the crime. The co-defendant in the same case, who had another attorney, was convicted on both counts and sentenced to 20- and 40-year sentences, respectively.

If you need a lawyer who actually practices law, goes to trial, is a Rottweiler in the courtroom, connects with her clients and can add a real-world view to a legal issue then Jolanda is for you. She has the uncanny ability to help you understand exactly what’s going on from many perspectives.

In addition to televised commentary, Jolanda lectures and is published quite frequently on criminal and family law issue.