Political Analyst

Jolanda Jones is frequently asked to give commentary on all political topics. Her perspective is shaped having served as an at-large Houston City Council member with a very strong mayoral form of government where council members very rarely are able to force mayors to enact legislation. Never deterred, Jolanda successfully forced mayors into enacting legislation that was not the status quo – that allocated resources more fairly than the usual allocation of more resources to the more affluent residents, neighborhoods and businesses.

As Chair of the Housing Committee, Jolanda became an expert on housing policy and the development of affordable and safe housing. She worked closely with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and other governmental agencies. She warned both mayors who she served with of their violations of HUD policies and both mayors paid dearly for not heeding Jolanda’s warnings by having to both repay and to not receive tens of millions of dollars in HUD funding. Her Chairpersonship of the International Business Initiatives Committee fostered her knowledge and relations with the international community, including the Consul General Corp and international communities with issues in the city.

Jolanda has been a political analyst on local, state, national and global political topics such as the current Texas gubernatorial race between Sen. Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott; a potential Hillary Clinton presidential run; the Republican National Committee’s threats to boycott TV networks; funding cuts to public education; President Obama’s job performance; partisanship of government; Houston’s mismanagement of HUD funding; big brothering with respect to red light cameras; abortion rights; and gay marriage, to name a few. In addition to televised commentary, Jolanda lectures and is published on political issues.